maandag 23 november 2015

Basquiat Grawlixes

Jean-Michel Basquiat in Studio, New York, 1987 with some classic grawlixes in the top right
© Tseng Kwong Chi,

vrijdag 6 november 2015

Christian Marclay, Black Shlup
exploring the onomatopoetic potential of words 

zaterdag 17 oktober 2015

Hakim Bey: Immediatism

"With the disappearance of a “mainstream” & therefore of an “avant-garde” in the arts, it has been noticed that all the more advanced & intense art-experiences have been recuperable almost instantly by the media, & thus are rendered into trash like all other trash in the ghostly world of commodities. “Trash, ” as the term was redefined in, let’s say, Baltimore in the 1970s, can be good fun—as an ironic take on a sort of inadvertent folkultur that surrounds & pervades the more unconscious regions of “popular” sensibility—which in turn is produced in part by the Spectacle. “Trash” was once a fresh concept, with radical potential. By now, however, amidst the ruins of Post-Modernism, it has finally begun to stink. Ironic frivolity finally becomes disgusting. Is it possible now to BE SERIOUS BUT NOT SOBER? (Note: The New Sobriety is or course simply the flipside of the New Frivolity. Chic neo-puritanism carries the taint of Reaction, in just the same way that postmodernist philosophical irony & despair lead to Reaction. The Purge Society is the same as the Binge Society. After the “12 steps” of trendy renunciation in the ‘ 90s, all that remains is the 13th step of the gallows. Irony may have become boring, but self-mutilation was never more than an abyss. Down with frivolity—Down with sobriety.)"

"The mail art of the ‘70s & the zine scene of the ‘80s were attempts to go beyond the mediation of art-as-commodity, & may be considered ancestors of Immediatism. However, they preserved the mediated structures of postal communication & xerography, & thus failed to overcome the isolation of the players, who remained quite literally out of touch. We wish to take the motives & discoveries of these earlier movements to their logical conclusion in an art which banishes all mediation & alienation, at least to the extent that the human condition allows."

maandag 3 augustus 2015

Grawlixes, frontal lobe, ganglia and automatism.

"The replacement of the complex actions programs by a well-consolidated stereotype, quite unrelated to the basic program, is the most typical feature of the disturbances of voluntary activity in this group of patients.(..)
If a lesion of the frontal lobes spreads into the deep zones of the frontal region to affect the subcortical ganglia and to disturb the inhibition of primitive automatisms, the task of drawing a simple figure is easily interrupted by the revival of elementary motor automatism; having started to perform a particular task, the patient is unable to give up, and the performance of the action is interrupted by bursts of uncontrollable automatism." (my italics)

from: Alexandr Romanovich Luria. Higher Cortical Functions in Man 

zondag 26 juli 2015